Still Touchable?

Putting records on the turntable Flipping book pages Writing letters… Disappearing. Instead, we click. “Still touchable?” explores our relationships to information. The physical relationships we had with the media, such as letters, postcards, newspapers, CD, which started to disappear as the touch, feel, memories and emotions we had with them are disappearing. Instead, we CLICK. … Read more

My Chinese room

“Parler leur langue” m’a été toujours la plus grande question identitaire. “Speak to their language” has always been my biggest “question identitaire”.   “Chinese room” was an imaginary experiment conducted in 1980 by the American philosopher John Serle who tries to reflect the belief that a machine can come to think and invites us to reflect … Read more

The Other

#1. The Other , at the first glance  From the word “The Other” at my first glance, I couldn’t escape from thinking about my own “Other”in evidence, my country in nothern side of the penninsule.  This “other” is actually only the other of ourself those who are in the southern part. The sense of Othernessis … Read more

Nostalgia (역)

The Nostalgia: A feeling of pleasure and also slight sadness when you think about things that happened in the past  (Cambridge dictionary). In my work, Nostalgia designates the notion of the time, the connection between the past and the present. The past is not only a frozen time, but also it changes as more the … Read more

Walking in the city : and Re-appropriate the space

Interprete : Anastisia OleinikÁngela Valeria DimatéMaría Jesús OlivosNora Mugarza SalegiSonia EsplugasSound :  Miia Pitkänen  Work NotesThe entitled work ‘Walking in the city: and re-appropriate the space’ is a methodological experimentation of practicing anthropology. How the act of walking allows you to insert your subjectivity into the city? How this act participates to transform urban landscape?  On … Read more

Muy cerca pero Muy lejos

“Ethnographers negociate and write their identities during the research process.”  (Amanda Coffey)  Muy cerca pero muy lejos (in engl. Very close but very far) My identity of being a grandchild of a Shil-hyang-min , it naturally appealed to me a lot to be interested in my mythical homeland, which is 50km above from Seoul.  I’ve … Read more