Still Touchable?

Putting records on the turntable
Flipping book pages
Writing letters…


Instead, we click.

“Still touchable?” explores our relationships to information. The physical relationships we had with the media, such as letters, postcards, newspapers, CD, which started to disappear as the touch, feel, memories and emotions we had with them are disappearing. Instead, we CLICK. The omnipresence of screens where we click on has not helped us yet figure out the type of substance it has, the data. Are they material or immaterial? Do they truly exist? If so, where and how? Encountering this paradox of existence, we invite people to reflect on our physical relationship to the information: Who replaced our bookstores, record shop and post offices? And how? Can we recuperate our physical relationships with the information nowdays? Can they still be tangible and interactable? This work invites public to ponder these questions in a space where our daily performance of producing and receiving information takes a physical form, and recall the interaction experiences of the past and contrast them.

Still Touchable has been part of a project Adaptaion, the first exhibition in the world focusing on the intersection of art and technology through internet of Things. Funded by European Commission as part of Europe 2020.

Exhibited in CRCLR, an experimental center for sustainable and artistic practice in Berlin, in July 2017.

Collaborated with : Souneil Park (computer scientist)

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