My Chinese room

“Parler leur langue” m’a été toujours la plus grande question identitaire.
“Speak to their language” has always been my biggest “question identitaire”. 

 “Chinese room” was an imaginary experiment conducted in 1980 by the American philosopher John Serle who tries to reflect the belief that a machine can come to think and invites us to reflect on artificial intelligence.

This work in progress is in long term to reflect about my self and my languages and the distance between my languages. The pertubance, décalage and richness linguistic and identity while living in a non- mother tongue circumstance are the nature of this work. To start, I reflected this time about my self and my spanish, the language with what I struggle my quotidian in present. Like the person in the Chinese room, I have the list of my words and expression and take them out according to the situation. And some questions remain always: Am I capable to comfort someone? Am I capable to show my empathy? Don’t I translate from one to this language? Do I think in this language? Do I appropriate and re-appropriate this language?  

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