The Other

#1. The Other , at the first glance 

From the word “The Other” at my first glance, I couldn’t escape from thinking about my own “Other”in evidence, my country in nothern side of the penninsule.  This “other” is actually only the other of ourself those who are in the southern part. The sense of Othernessis defined 1292 MDL (Militaray Demarcation Line) signposts which separate you and us. 

#2. The Other, the view and the perception 

If the first “Other” is about my own “other”, I now wanted to think about “Other” in beforehand: How we percieve the otherness Ironically, what I most learn through doing anthropology, the study of “the others” and their culture, is about the reflection of myself.

When anthropologist is observing the other, herself is oberved by the other.

When anthropologist interpretes what she has been observing, her experience in the past and her identity in the present form the basis of the interpretation. This is all about the interaction and reciprocity. The other is not in an absoluteness, but in a relation with myself.

In my reserch entitled “Quand la musique de l’autre devient la musique de la ville (When the music of the other becomes the music of the city)”, I’ve witnessed that the ethnicity of one certain music practiced by migrant people is not in the melody nor in the rythme or in the musical instrument, but it is built in the differency face to “us”

#3. And SEESAW … 

In Seesaw

Face to,

Balance against,

Resonance with,

Relational dimension. 

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