Walking in the city : and Re-appropriate the space

Interprete : 
Anastisia Oleinik
Ángela Valeria Dimaté
María Jesús Olivos
Nora Mugarza Salegi
Sonia Esplugas
Sound :  Miia Pitkänen 

Work Notes
The entitled work ‘Walking in the city: and re-appropriate the space’ is a methodological experimentation of practicing anthropology. How the act of walking allows you to insert your subjectivity into the city? How this act participates to transform urban landscape? 

On arrival to Barcelona in 2014, I was impressed by the number and the density of tourists in the city. The way of how they occupy the city seemed as a very particular urban scenary.

La Rambla street looks quite like an attraction park, 

A person with a little flag and speaking to a microphone was followed by a group of tourists in front of Gaudi’s masterpieces, Shopping bags or a plastic cup of fresh fruit juice were in hands as an object. While these touristic sceneries are strongly intergraded in the ordinary daily lives in Barcelona, I have noticed the diversity of itineraries made by tourists.  Each step and walk was original although it seems that all tourist visit the same place. Exploration of the new place helped by a map expires in few hours or in few days, and then people start to occupy the city by their own way. 

From this given context, I’ve been interested in the act of Walking and its role to deal with the spatiality of urban life and how the Walking leads us to re-appropriate the space.  The work is composed in two parts, workshop and performance. 


* This work is based on and supported by the research during the Guest research program at Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona (MACBA). 

Photo : esquisse, research note, video 


Your walk makes the city.

Walking, this very ordinary social action is the oldest art movement in the city.

According to anthropologist Michel de Certeau, walking is a great strategy to deconstruct the constructed urban system.

The city is composing and recomposing itself each instant by the steps of its inhabitants.

Introduce our proper subjectivity into the space.

Walk, as a human activity, feel the rhythm of your step, feel the presence of the other.

This work tries to recall our own way of walk.

Walking in the city, re-appropriate the space. 


Workshop &

Research based Performance

2016, Barcelona 


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