Les chemins inconnus seraient plus beaux

Les Chemins inconnus seraient plus beaux 

(Eng. Unknown path would be more beautiful)

A death is one of very few things that we all believe without seeing or experiencing by our selves, so do us for a universe for example. Is death a statue or a period of the time? Where is my-self situated face to my own death? Would death be one step of the life such as being born, first day of school, first love, get married, have a baby or lost loved one? I wonder whether loved people left create my death by being sad, by reminding shared memories, by saying A dieu and wishing a peace…

I continue my step, would you water on my path?

Barcelona, 2015

Hommage to Mr.Choi (Choi Ajeossi) 

Korean-Chinese middle-aged man Choi Ajeossi was dead in October 2015, few weeks after being found on a street and hospitalized. Choi Ajeossi didn’t know about his cancer until the day of his death. The corpse of the man who had nothing left behind, no family, no money and no document, was kept in the freezer of Hospital San Pau a Barcelona awaiting one of his family member to come to take him to the cemetery. 

At his tragic death, from the man I barely knew, I had witnessed the complex history of Korean immigration, which has started a century ago under the Japanese occupation. An eternal seeking for a refuge from the colonial repression to the poverty is at the same time in Korea in 1910, and our actual society. The title “Les chemins inconnus serait plus beaux” is chosen as for an homage to Choi Ajeossi and his death.

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